Week 1 Reflection


So it is the end of week 1. This week really pushed me. I photoshopped something! so-you-edit-images-in-photoshop-you-must-be-the-next-picasso

I feel I completed the assignments to the best of my ability. It was a struggle. I often had 20 tabs on chrome open at once. I would read what canvas said, then the syllabus, then the blog, and my tweetdeck was always open. I had to read everything several times to make sure I was completing it correctly, and even then I was unsure if I was.

What gave me trouble the most was my wordpress blog. I have never created a website before and I feel I am constantly changing things. I went in today and redid two of my blogs from earlier this week just to make them match the other blogs. I really enjoyed the assignments. Even though I struggled I liked using photoshop and soundcloud. I am excited to learn and try new things for the upcoming assignments.

What I would do differently is learn to walk away and come back to something. When I was photoshopping my picture I did it on my phone. There was one point where I was so frustrated that I almost threw my phone. I need to realize I am not a tech wiz and I am not always going to get it on the first try. Sometimes I need to walk away and come back to it.

The theme I want to focus on is Technology in the Classroom. I am a teacher and I want to take this knowledge and understanding of technology and bring it into my classroom. I want to be more confident using technology in the classroom.

I feel that this week I met expectations. I got everything done on time, I sat and worked on my visual assignment for hours but I finished everything. I hope each week I get better and start completing assignments faster.

IMG_0052Overall this week was a week of firsts. First photoshop, first tweet, first time using Hypothesis. I felt like the cat in my main picture most of this week overwhelmed and frustrated but I had fun. I shared with everyone the picture I created for the visual assignment.  I am excited and nervous for next week! Let’s see what else I can do!


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  1. dogtrax says:

    It sounds like you are on the right path — as teachers, we have to explore the technology and digital tools ourselves, and then evaluate and determine viability in our classrooms. Good luck on your journey this summer!


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