Week 7 Reflection


This week I am really proud of my assignment!!!! Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.10.28 AMI feel I did amazing!! I love the video and the slow motion. Last week I talked about planning ahead. I found this assignment two weeks ago, but getting ice time alone is hard. Most time after games they rush you off the ice to get another game going. I had to plan a night when I knew that there was not another game after me. I edited the video in iMovie and did more in iMovie than I did last time I used it.

I also really liked the story I critiqued. That was a student project! I teach younger students but that does not mean they cannot create a meaningful video. The story gave me hope that this is what could happen in my classroom.

My communication was down a little because I am in Europe. I still checked twitter, commented on readings or other peoples blogs but I started sharing things that I found and I did not do that this week. Hope to be back at it next week. (I will be home) That is also what gave me trouble. I felt kind of out of the loop. I would go to bed and when I would wake up I would have missed a lot. What was cool though was another student was in Paris! We found out through the class and through twitter. We missed each other by a few days.

What I would do differently this week, I want to share more. I could have shared more of my trip and stayed in communication with the class more.

Some of the larger issues I explored was doing a lesson with my students on white privilege. I found a lesson plan from PBS that I want to use. I also want them to create a digital story.

This week I would say I met expectations again. I still did all the communicating that was required but I did not go above and beyond. Like the cats in the picture I got a little distracted.


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