Swing And A Miss


For this assignment I decided to have fun with it. I chose Instant Replay! VideoAssignments1853. I knew I wanted to do a hockey replay but I was not sure how to go about it. I decided I wanted it to be funny so I asked two friends to stay after a game and film me. The first angle you see was shot by Emily ‘Sparky’ Heirs who got a great level with the ice angle. The second angle you see was shot by Heather Burke. She shot like a 45 degree angle.

We tried different angles but the other filmer would end up in the shot. I had the easy job of missing a puck and sliding on the ice. In the end we got some great videos.

My friends shot the video off their phones, so after filming the sent the videos to me. I uploaded them on the my computer then into iMovie. In iMovie I put them in the order I wanted. I then clicked on Titles and added the title and the captions between.

To create the instant replay I just had my friend film it in slow motion using her iPhone. She then sent me the video in slow motion and at regular speed.

After saving the video to my desktop I uploaded it to Google Drive. Now anyone with the link can watch it.

This relates back to my theme of technology in the classroom because I want my students to be able to create video. I created this video which would be fun to share with the class as an example.

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