Final Reflection

Me As A Learner: Looking back on this course I have learned a lot. For me the key to my learning was communication and that is also what I struggled with the most. I have never been much of an online communicator and I have always tried to limit my online presence. I found that in this class the more I communicated the more I got out of the reading, assignments and so on. It was hard for me though.

I loved because the communication could be public or it could be private. I think that is a great tool for classrooms. I understood a lot more because of To be able to communicate while you are reading really helps me understand more and go deeper into the readings. We were also practicing what the reading were talking about. We were a community learning together.

Going forward I feel that I am more confident in my computer abilities. I mentioned in my portfolio that I was never a techy person. This class has given me confidence that I can edit video, audio and photos. I can remix media. This class has also given me a community that even when the class is over I can reach out and ask for help. I am excited for the new school year. I am hoping to bring a lot of what I learned into the classroom. Not just the ability to edit photos but what I have learned from the course reading and the reading I found.

Me As A Co-Designer: As a co-designer of this course it gave me ownership over my education. I felt like I was finding videos, articles, lessons that were what I was interested in. I went into this class hoping it would help me be more confident using more technology in the classroom. When I was able to pick that theme I was able to tailor my learning to my needs. I was also able to help others because I know there were other teachers in this course and we were able to share and learn together. We were responsible for our learning. This course was very different from pretty much any other class I have taken. Other courses you got to choose a theme for a project but not the whole class. I do not think I have ever shared so much of my learning before. This class was built much more on working together.

My Understanding Of Pedagogy: It took me a while but I understood the design of this course. At first I was so used to my other classes that I was craving structure. Once I started to see that I was able to create my structure and decide what I wanted to create I was able to enjoy what I was doing. I understood why you set up the class that way. You are teaching more of a mind set not the ability to edit a photo. As an educator as I mentioned above I want to bring more technology into my classroom. I also want to be more relaxed when I do introduce technology to my first graders. I loved learning together, I loved that we were co-designers. I want my classroom to have that spirit of collaboration.

It reminds me of my first reading response titled “Technology in the Classroom…Who is the Teacher?”  I discussed that students can teach their peers about technology. They can be the instructor. It they find an app that will be really helpful they can share it with the class they can be the expert. I do not need to be the expert at everything. I can teach the content and they can create based on their interests.

There is not much I would change about this class. I would have loved an opportunity to meet in person just once. But overall I loved the structure of this class, even if it did take me a while to get used to it. It was a learning curve. I enjoyed creating and focusing my learning on what I wanted. Communicating was a struggle but it is where I experienced most of my learning. All in all this class has taught me a lot and I cannot wait for the new school year to apply all that I have learned. I know going forward that I will have this community for support when I need it. My cat picture always described how I felt at the end of the week, now it describes how I feel at the end of this class. I am looking to the future.



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