Week 6 Reflection


This week I felt I nailed it. My communication was down a little I still shared on social media and in comments but I felt so on top of the assignments. I finished everything in the beginning of the week (because I was going to travel) but I also made a plane on what I wanted to create for the following weeks. I wanted to do some filming. I saw a lot last year teachers filming themselves or filming students and I wanted to get more comfortable with that. I am a person who likes a plan and I am happy with my plan.

I am proud of my photoshopping skills this week. I cropped Julie Andrews out of Sound of Music and put her in Jurassic Park.jpsom

I need to get better at blending the pictures and that is what gave me trouble this week but I am getting there. I am trying to push myself and remind myself that it does not have to be perfect. I also loved the story I critiqued. I learned a lot from her video and agree with her on how students see computers. I love the way she introduces computers to students and is something I want to try with my students.

What this week has taught me just for myself is to plan a head. I like me plan for the next few weeks and that is what I would have done differently in past weeks. I think a plan would have helped me relax because I would have known where I was going or what assignment I would do. I would have had more time to create rather than pick out a project.

I tried to relate whatever I was doing back to my focal theme this week. I realized that I knew why this video tied to my theme but someone reading my blogpost would not. I tried to explicitly state this is my theme and this is why it relates. I feel I will help others learn more from my post if they know this.

I would say this week to relate back to my cat picture that I felt ready to tackle the next few weeks. I have a plan and I am good to go. I would say once again I am meeting expectations, I am hoping my plan will help me exceed expectations.

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