Week 7 Reading Response


I chose to read McIntosh (1989): White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. I have read this article several times for several classes. I chose to read it again because through this class I am experiencing things I have know through a new lense.

The article starts out describing that we are taught to see others mistreatment but not see our own privilege. We are taught to see white lives as average and others will be better off the more they are like that. McIntosh then lists things that white people do not have to worry about.

One of the first things I thought about after reading this article again was Emma Watsons campaign He for She. Where both men and women need to band together to work for equality.

This week instead of finding a tradition article I found a lesson plan about teaching white privilege. I wanted something I could use. I have taught equality but I have not taught white privilege which is what the article is about. I am not teaching both sides. It is funny because I have read this article several times and I have not realized this. The lesson plan is from PBS which I trust, the age range is 7 to 12 which is a bit old for my students but I can alter it for my class.

I am glad I reread this article and I am excited to teach both sides and make some change.


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