Critique Impact of Creativity


The top video is how creativity help Rebecca create a video for change. The bottom video is the actual video she created. The bottom video International Boulevard is the video I am critiquing.  This relates to my chosen topic of technology in the classroom because I would like my students to have the confidence to create their own videos like Rebecca did. Videos for change.

  1. The author Rebecca is the mastermind behind this video but she interviews some specialists. The gets their input and expertise to back her point. She also calls out the views to take action.
  2. Rebecca edits the film herself and add music in the background. She is expressing her movie making identity as a Documentarian. This is clearly for informative purposes not entertainment purposes.
  3. This video is on YouTube and the Adobe website. She came in second in an Adobe contest that has helped showcase her documentary. The video at the top also helps because that is what I found first which lead me to her documentary.
  4. I would not change much she did a great job creating a video that brings light on to an issue. She did a great job getting footage, expert opinion and in a short amount of time sharing a lot of information. The one thing I would alter is editing. It is a little choppy at times.

Overall I am impressed with what Rebecca has created.

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