Reading Response Social Learning


In this week’s reading Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch7: Social Learning, “Push” and “Pull,” and Building Platforms for Collaborative Learning the main theme is social learning.

First they gave you the background of social learning. A new word for me was ancillary. I read the definition and still was a little confused but the example they gave funny enough about vocabulary helped make it clear.

One of my favorite quotes about social learning was “If we want to learn deeply, we need access to the means, contexts, and tasks that are integral to generating knowledge, not simply to content transmission and abstracted activities of application like ‘essay writing’.” I liked this quote because it is what I believe. I agree that you learn more from having a discussion rather than write you answer. You will never know what another person is thinking and why.

They go into that social learning is about the process of learning not what they learned. As an educator I know that students get more out of their learning when they enjoy the process. Like creating a restaurant rather than reading about economics.

Lankshear and Knobel also touch on the Push and Pull theory. How I see it is that Push is when we push information on students and expect them to remember it. Pull is where we give them the tools to find the information themselves.

The article I read this week was called The Collaborative Classroom: New Technology
Brings New Paradigm. Right off the bat they state “Collaboration is a tool used in classrooms not only to engage students but also to bring them
together and teach them how to work together.” I enjoyed this article for several reasons. First they describe to the reader what a collaborative classroom is. This is great for anyone new to it. Second they discuss open leadership and why it is important. This is big because often teacher have trouble letting go of that role. They also give you some guidelines to get started. Which is often the hardest part. Last they give you some tools to use that are classroom friendly but also collaboration friendly.

The required reading this week was about why social learning is important and the article I found is about how to create that in your classroom.


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