Critique Teaching Kids About Computers
This is a Ted Talks about computers in the classroom.  The presenter want students to see computer as something they can play with and tinker with not a machine that they use. This goes exactly with my chosen theme of technology in the classroom.

  1. The involvement by the creator is her speaking to the audience and her slideshow presentation in the background. I like that she made the slideshow personal and shared things she has created.
  2. The video has editing skills because it goes between her speaking and her presentation. She also expressed a fan identity, her love for Al Gore.
  3. The video is on the Ted Talks site and YouTube. So you can access it several different ways. It would be great to have on more technology in the classroom web pages. I like that you can have a transcript of the video and there is a link to the presenters bio. I would like a link to her book though.
  4. I would make sure that there is a link to her book that she talks about in the video. I would not change much I like that she gives real examples and the photos are from her times in the classroom.

I love her concept and this would be a great way for me to introduce computers to my students. I teach first grade and computers for them are machines that they are not supposed to touch without parents. I would love to get her book and try this in the classroom.


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