Week 5 Reflection


I completed everything this week. My D.C.’s were awesome!

The mash up assignment was harder than I thought. I really wanted to try something that mashed up audio and video. I did that with my Beyonce video I edited the audio on that, so I know I can do it my problem this week and what gave me trouble was just time. With the holiday I came into the week behind. Thank you for telling me that I will have access to the assignments after the class because I am enjoying making them and want to continue to do so.

24-listening-at-door cat

akalaWhat I really enjoyed this week was the video I critiqued. The Hip Hop and Shakespeare video had so many great points. My favorite was that who has the right to knowledge, he made the point that Shakespeare has become this thing that is only meant for people of wealth and power. But when Shakespeare wrote his plays they were meant for the masses, it became something that connected people of all classes.

Akala states that Shakespeare chose to bestow knowledge on the masses and that is the root of Hip Hop, to educate through music. That everyone has the right to knowledge.

One thing that I did differently this week was to actually share on Twitter. I have shared all my posts every week but this is the first week I shared something besides my work. I also tried to describe more in my posts, when I tweeted out my reading response I stated that I found a really good article. I am trying to share more than have people guess.

What I really looked into this week was Hip Hop and education. I read an article about how to use Hip Hop in English class and I watch the video on Hip Hop and Shakespeare. I like the idea of using Hip Hop to help me educate that is why I like Flocabulary because it is school topics and it is school appropriate. I have used Flocabulary and I want to try and incorporate it more.

My weekly cat picture once again describes how I felt this week. This week was just staring myself down and getting it done. It was a holiday and and I just had to get it done, I wanted to tackle bigger projects but did not have time. I think this week was the first week that I exceeded expectations in communication but everything else was met expectations.

cat reflection week 5


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