The Hills Are Alive



For this weeks Assignment I chose to do another mash up. I chose Assignment151 This Doesn’t Belong Here. The assignment was to mash up two movie scenes that don’t really belong together. The first image I chose was from the Sound of Music.

julie andrews

I then opened the image in GIMP. I cropped the image just around Julie. julie andrews crop

I then had to decide where I should put her. I was trying to think of another movie with great scenery and going through my old pictures for this class I saw a Jurassic Park picture. I first tried to put her in the picture where the T Rex is eating another dinosaur. 1187274150

I could not get Julie to match proportionally. She was to close to the T Rex’s size. If I made her smaller you could not tell it was her. So I then decided to go find another picture from the same movie. I happened upon a scene from the beginning where the cars are on the track and there is great scenery in the background.


I then decided to put her in front of that photo. I added Julie and was then faced with the problem of blending her in. I used the color picker tool to pick up the color around her then used the paintbrush to paint around her. It is not perfect but I am getting closer to blending two images.




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