Reading Response Communities of Readers


In this weeks readings Afterword: Communities of readers, clusters of practices Jenkins focused on bringing New Literacies into the classroom. Jenkins starts out by saying that students know technology why not use it. One quote I liked was about how school often move away from platforms like facebook and twitter but why.

“Too many educators are determined to protect youth from exposure to Facebook and MySpace,Twitter, Wikipedia, and YouTube, as if these were threats rather than resources”
Jenkins also states that educator need to be familiar with these platforms. I am happy I have this class because I am learning a lot. The reading then goes into DIY, how it should really be DIO or DIT because we rarely do it alone. I stated in one of my comments that when I take on a DIY project I usually watch a video or read a blog first which means I am not alone I have an online community for help. I also liked the message in this section of the reading how school groups should be like this. I stated in a comment “I agree if they can see that everyone brings something different to the table, everyone has something they are good at group projects would way more interesting”
Otaku was a new term for me I have seen it before but I did not know what it meant. Otaku would be a great project in class. Find something you are obsessed with and create a project around it. The relation to Hip Hop also made me think of Flocabulary a rapper who creates songs around education.
In reading the end of the article I would like Professional Development around participatory learning, hopefully with a technology focus. I feel this would be a great way to start incorporating new literacies in the classroom. “series of Teachers’ Strategy Guides intended to encourage teachers to rethink how they would teach traditional school content differently in a world which embraced a more participatory model of learning”
The article I found this week is Hip-Hop Literature:The Politics, Poetics, and Power of Hip-Hop in the English Classroom inspired by this weeks readings. It is about educators who have “experimented with the use of hip-hop music and culture to improve students’ empowerment, cultural responsiveness, and skills of literary analysis and critical literacy” It is about connecting student lives with student learning and hip hop is that bridge. It is something they know and can connect to. The article talks about how some traditional English pieces favor the privileged population but Hip Hop is something that students with a lower socioeconomic status can relate to. The article goes on to describe a Hip Hop curriculum and how it can be used in English class. This is a great resource!

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