Critique Hip Hop and Shakespeare


For this week’s Digital Story critique I chose a TEDTalks on Hip Hop and Shakespeare. I was inspired by the reading this week and the article I found to go with my reading response. The TEDTalks is about a group called Hip Hop and Shakespeare the group is about homc-shakespeare3-e1268583362865w Hip Hop and Shakespeare relate and who has the right to knowledge. The video is kind of long at 20 minutes but it is really good.




  1. Akala is the presenter of the Talk and is the founder of Hip Hop and Shakespeare. He gets the audience involved right away with a quiz. He says a quote and the audience has to guess if the quote is Hip Hop or Shakespeare. This is a great way to catch their attention and introduce his point.
  2. A kind of involvement is exploring new ways of conveying narratives or social commentaries. He is relating the poetry of Shakespeare to the poetry of Hip Hop. He is also expressing himself because he is a fan of both Hip Hop (Wu-Tang Clan) and Shakespeare. He also hits the political side of who has the right to knowledge. He discussed the Hip Hop means and its base is in knowledge and how Shakespeare created these plays and sonnets for the masses not just upper class, but Shakespeare has become something that is meant for higher class to enjoy and Hip Hop is seen as something from the lower class. He argues that everyone has a right to knowledge and that is why he is combining the two.
  3. The video I watch was on YouTube, but the group has their own website which is linked above. The website has way more information, it has videos, songs, links to their social media, their mission and it has the video I watched. I like that the video I watch is on YouTube because more people will find it and like I did then look them up.
  4. I would not improve much I would love it if there was a link at the end of the video or in the comments to his website. I would also have better audio it was sometimes a little scratchy. Overall I loved this video!

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