Week 4 Reflection


This week I feel a lot better. After my rant last week and watching the screencast, I feel that my rant put me on track. In my rant I said that I felt I was just trying to complete a task and not communicating with my peers, and in the screencast that is what you said you did not want. I am proud that I came to that conclusion on my own before the screencast but it also reinforced that I need to focus on communicating and learning and not checking off a box.

That is what I did this week I focused on having fun with what I was creating. I did three Daily Creates and I was not the last person to comment on the readings this week! I created two assignments and shared with the class on twitter how to make one of the assignments.  I shared Gangstify Your Pet with the class. The site allows you to create a gangsta image of your pet and one of the assignments was to edit a picture of your pet with sunglasses and stuff. IMG_5186

The website is a lot of fun. I feel I can do more communicating online but it was a good step for me. I pushed myself to be more present.

What gave me trouble of course was technology haha. I had the most trouble this week with moving images. I wanted to move an image for a D.C. and for my design assignment but had to resort to screenshots in the end for both. I enjoyed most of this week telling myself to relax and just have fun with the assignments and not worry about a perfect end product really helped me to enjoy what I was doing.

Next week I would like to be more present and really work to create conversations on the readings and to not be afraid to ask questions on twitter when I need help. A question I have is will I have access to the assignments and the readings after the class? I would like to try more assignments and reference the reading later on.

A large issue I found this week is the digital stories I watch or read are usually on websites for like minded people, affinity groups, but a lot of the stories are trying to convince people to see their perspective. But they are on sites where people believe like they do, how do we get these videos out so that more people and groups see them.

This week like my cat picture I feel like I reached out and tried. I tried to stop being afraid of failing and just went for it. I felt a lot better and I accomplished more. I did three daily creates, two assignments, and did the reading not on Friday! I communicated more that just posting my reflection on twitter. I still think I am only meeting expectations and like I said last week the more I communicate the more likely I will give myself an exceeding expectations.


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