Weekly Critique Art As A Way Of Thinking



This week I found a Digital Story on the importance of art education. This art teacher made a video explaining why having art programs help the school and students.

The involvement is this story is mostly done by the creator. She created the video and the script. She states that her audience/purpose is to try and convince those who do not see the arts importance of their importance in schools. All her images in her video she got online.

Some of the literacy dimensions present in this story are imagery, and voice. The images she uses look like student art. Also when she talks about Blooms Taxonomy she have a visual of what she is talking about. The images link in to what she is talking about. The second was voice. She clearly wrote this herself and it sounded like it was something she is passionate about. She knew her information.

The place she posted this story is on Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling. This is a great affinity space for those who love education and digital storytelling. The problem is it is an affinity space, she is sharing with like minded people. The people on this site will most likely agree with her view so they are not the audience she wants. She said that she want to show the importance of the arts in schools to people who do not think they are important. She needs to post her video on sites where those people might visit.

What changes I would make is she said she is an art teacher give some personal examples on how the arts have helped students. I would have links for people who have watched the video to go to other websites, or videos that backup her argument. I would also change the way she speaks. It is very monotoned and if you are trying to convince someone of something you should use a passionate voice.


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