Design A Cat Garden


For this weeks assignment I chose to do DesignAssignments1836 Recover a Classic. For this assignment you had to take a classic novel and create a new cover. The theme on the page seemed to be to simplify the cover. 21636368109_c87a300431_mThe Dracula cover is an example from the website. I chose to do The Secret Garden. My mom read this book to me when I was little and I still have a copy on my shelf.

To create this image I decided to first try it in Word. I created a rectangle and an arch but I could not make the image have multiple colors. So I decided to try again in Paint. I have a Mac so I had to download Paint 2 from the app store. I created the whole image but it would not let me save without the paint symbol on the image! GURRRRRR

So I started again but I did not want to start from scratch so I took a screenshot Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.40.30 PMof the image in Word and uploaded that picture to GIMP. Ahh GIMP I have created many projects for this class using GIMP. In GIMP I was able to change color and then add the text I wanted. I did a simple design of a grey path leading to a arch, the arch to the secret garden. The Secret Garden By Frances

While I was going through the assignments to upload my book cover I found another assignment I wanted to do just for fun. DesignAssignments1721 Dog It Out is where you alter the image of your pet to make it awesome. I thought of a web page where you can to that. Gangstify Your Pet  is a page created for the Key and Peele movie Keanu.  You can upload a picture of your pet and Gangstify it! Here is Rascal looking amazing. IMG_5186

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