Week 3 Reflection/Rant

I am trying to write this reflection after just watching the season finale of Game of Thrones so just a warning.

This week was the first week where I felt confident going in. I had already picked my Video Assignment and knew what I wanted to do. I chose to do the Classical-Modern Mashup. Where you take a current music video and replace the music with classical music. I worked on it Monday and what took me the longest was picking a video and a classical song that seemed to go along with it. I did not want the dancing in the video to be a different pace than the music. May I say I nailed it. I was able to edit the audio because of what I had learned last week and it went perfectly together! This was the first thing that I actually felt proud of. I showed it not just to my friends but with other people.

My goal from last week however was to jump on the readings. I swear I tried this week. On Monday after I had finished my assignment and D.C. I went to canvas where I always click on the link to the readings. There was no link. So I went to the syllabus and clicked on that link and I noticed that no one had commented on that link. I knew it was the right reading but not the right link. I decided that I would wait and maybe the link would but up the next day. It was not. By Thursday I still did not know where to find the link so I texted some friends in the class and they told me to go through the blog. I felt embarrassed, why had I not thought to check there.

This moment sums up how I feel about learning all these new technologies. One moment I am on it I feel under control the next I can’t find a reading link. Thinking about that this week I feel I truly found where I am lacking in this class. Looking back on my weeks so far I feel that when I need help I ask my two friends who are also taking this class. I am…I don’t know afraid, hesitant to reach out to my other peers. I could have Monday just tweeted the class and asked where the readings are but I did not. I am grasping the technology piece of the class but not the social piece.

Going forward I want to be less timid. I want to push myself to use my peers more and more than the ones I personally know. This class is teaching us the ‘new literacies’ the new way people are creating and communicating. I am doing the creating but not the communicating. We are a learning community and I need to be a member of that community not when I have something to share but also when I need help.

Looking at this class from my teacher perspective I need to be more open. The environment I always try and create in my classroom is an open one where students should not be afraid to fail. This class has that kind of environment but I was still unwilling to let myself fail infront of others. My goal for these coming weeks is to not be afraid to ask for help. I was to reach out to peers if I need help, I want to share resources and creations.

I felt like I ranted a bit. (My first rant blog post haha) I felt like this week I met expectations. I also feel that if I want to exceed expectations it is not just doing an extra D.C. but really working with my community. Like the last two weeks the cat picture described how I felt. This cat is really looking at itself, that is what I did this week really looked at what I was doing/getting out of this class and what I want out of this class.


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