Weekly Crituque DIY and Education


The video I critiqued this week is about DIY and education. Peter Diamandis talks about his book. He says that thanks to the DIY culture where people are faced with problems they try and solve them. He says DIY is a mind set.  Just like last week the chapter we read inspired me.

The three traits I evaluated this video on are,


Content understanding


The video was well researched because it was based off his book. That is also why the economy was good because it was a summary of his main points. He covers the four points of his book. Like the rising billion, that more and more people are going online and they are going to be a source of innovation. That is also where content understanding comes in he clearly knows what he is talking about because this is his book but also he is passionate about it.

What might improve this story is media application.  There is nowhere to click on the page to go to the book or the full interview. I am interested but he mentions his book in the interview and it is mentioned in the article but there is no link to further the reader’s interests.

Overall I am interested to learn more about DIY culture furthering education because of the mindset of the population. They see a problem and they want to solve it. hmn_logo_lg


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