Who Run The Overture!

For this week’s assignment I decided to get a jump on it. I Looked through the assignments and chose Classical-Modern Mashup. It looked like something that I could figure out but would also push me. The assignment was to take a modern music video and replace the sound with a classical song.

The first thing I did was google ‘best dance music videos’ I clicked on the article 10 of the most memorably choreographed music videos. I initially chose Weapon of Choice – Fatboy Slim the video started Christopher Walken and I thought it would be fun. I soon had trouble matching a song. I wanted his dance moves to at least match the beat. A while later my dad called I told him about the project and he said use the William Tell Overture because it had a strong beat. It did not match the video but it gave me an idea.

The song made me think of the Beyonce video where she is on a horse in the beginning. I could not remember what song it was so I started going through Beyonce videos. I quickly found it. It was the video for Who Run The World.

I downloaded the video and opened it in iMovie. I download Hans Zimmer’s version of the William Tell Overture from the latest Lone Ranger movie. I did this because it was longer than the original song and it gave me more to work with. Editing the audio in Audacity was the part that took the longest. Not because editing was hard (because I learned how to do that last week) but because finding where to cut the song took a while.

In iMovie I muted the audio on the video and added in my own track that I edited. It came out great. I uploaded it to youtube and voila!

I did not have to watch any videos on how to make it I figured it out all on my own! But I did have to watch a how to on how to embed this video haha.

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