Week 2 Reflection


End of week 2. After two weeks of daily creates I am proud to say they did not overwhelm me this week. They still took time but I was not overwhelmed by the idea of having to create them. I feel like I created everything to the best of my ability and each week I will be able to do more and more. I would not have been able to create a meme last week and this week I knew exactly what to do.


The audio assignment on the other hand was completely overwhelming. This is what I struggled with the most. I have never played with audio before. The first thing I did was download Audacity. When I was looking at most assignments they said in the descriptions to use Audacity so I thought I would start there. I picked an assignment and could not do it. I watched videos and read blogs on it. I tried with several songs (to read the whole drama read the post Reverse What Lyrics). I eventually found something I could do. I still watched videos on how to accomplish it but I was able to do it. I spend hours trying the audio assignments but what I like about this class is that I can always come back later and try again even if it is weeks later.

What I enjoyed the most was the reading this week. The remixing chapter really opened my eyes and made me think about so many things I can do in the classroom. What is also great is that I learned a lot from commenting in my small group. Since we are all education focused a lot of great ideas are being shared.

What I would do differently is next week I want to get more of a jump of the readings so I can have more of a conversation with my group. Also I want to be more willincomic-book-guy-worst-post-everg to share my fails and ask for help from the DS106 community.

Some of the larger themes I want to focus on in my theme of technology in the classroom is teaching students about how to communicate online. That on the other end there is still a person reading what you write. I went into a bit more detail in my story critique.

Once again the main cat picture reflects how I felt this week. I was less overwhelmed this this week but it was still a bit of a struggle for me. The cat picture also represents how I felt about the reading. It made me look at things in a whole new way. Overall I would say I am once again meeting expectations. I am hoping that as I get more comfortable I will be able to start pushing myself and start exceeding expectations.


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