Reverse What Lyrics?

For the Audio assignment this week I struggled. First I downloaded Audacity because most assignments had it in the description. I then chose Audio Assignments 1446 Favorite Song as the assignment I was going to attempt. Attempt being the keyword.

I pick a song and and followed these instructions. They gave the reader a step by step way to remove lyrics. I followed them and it muted the lyrics but they were not fully erased. I tried on multiple songs all ending the same way the vocals were just muted. Here is one of the many songs I tried it on.  After hours of struggle I decided to try something different.

The next assignment I chose was the Reverse Audio Quiz Audio Assignments 1332. I uploaded a track onto Audacity and followed these instructions. I was able to do this one!!!!!  Because I was able to do this one I did two different songs. So here is your quiz can you guess these two songs? They are in reverse. Hint the titles are clues!

  1. R and R
  2. How Many Ways

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