Reading Summary Week 2 REMIXED!

I loved the beginning of this chapter!

“‘remixing’ involves taking cultural artifacts and combining and manipulating them into new kinds of creative blends and products” 

The first sentence had me thinking right away. I always thought of music when I heard remixing. This definition opened my mind to what remixing really is. So much of our culture is remixed. The meme I found that is the cover of my post sums up my experience reading this chapter.
I thought of severals things reading this chapter.
1. Remixing is teaching. When I teach my goal is for students to get the main points but take the information and make it their own. Remixing. What I learned in so many of my education classes is that students will remember what they have learned if they can relate to it and make it their own.
2. This chapter shows generational differences. I stated in one of my comments that this reminded me of a conversation I had with my parents. The section was talking about copyright. A few years ago there was a debate that if you cover a song and put the video on youtube should you have to pay the person who wrote the song. I said no they are making it their own. I also feel that I grew up with youtube and the internet so this is normal for me. My parents who grew up in the fifties believe that it should be like the radio. When the radio plays a song the artist gets paid.
3. Another thing that stood out was language remixing. A word that has evolved over time or language that was specific to a job but now is common in everyday conversations. It made me think of this Huffington Post article about words that have changed meaning over time. Like ““Fantastic” meant “existing only in one’s imagination” centuries ago. Today, it means something is really incredible”.  It also made me think of a conversation I had with my friends dad who is a computer programer. He said that hashtag started out as programer lingo and is now a word that most people know and use.
4. The last thing this chapter made me think of is original work. What defines original work. If you remix something and it becomes its own thing is it original? Like a meme. It was a screenshot from a movie but like the Boromir meme that is my cover photo it has become its own thing. Is the meme original?
Overall this chapter has changed the way I think. Remixing the definition has been changed from applying to music, to applying to everything.

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