Week 1 Critique


Technology in the classroom | Ethan Dickens |

This week for the first week I critiqued a Ted Talk video. The link is above. It is a short video only 5 minutes long but if focuses on my interest of technology in the classroom. Whe I liked about this video and what stood out was that instead of a principal, teacher or professor giving a lecture on technology’s importance in the classroom it is a student.

The three criteria I chose to evaluate this media are…

1.Content understanding

2.Originality, voice, creativity

3.Presentation and performance

Lets start with content understanding. Ethan seems to know what he is talking about. He has done research and has his first hand experiences that he shares in his speech. I think what would have helped his persuasive argument better though is more examples or giving more detail with his few examples. He kind of breezes through his examples and does not go deeper.

Next originality, voice, creativity. As I stated above I liked this video because it was from a student’s perspective but besides that Ethan did not present his material in a unique way. He had a slide show, it would have been more interesting if he had presented using a technology he wants to be used in the classroom.

Last presentation and performance. First I could not have done what he did at his age. I would have been too nervous. He seemed nervous he had a hard time getting some words out. But he did relate to the audience and tried to get them to join in with his beginning questions.

What these three criteria fail to see is as I stated above most Ted Talks are adults. He wants more technology in the classroom and he is out there fighting for it. He did a great job relating to his audience discussing the textbook and how it would be easier to have them all on your phone. He made example the audience could relate to.

As stated above to change this presentation for the better I would have him have more examples or go deeper into examples. It is hard to convince someone of something is one or two sentences. Also as stated above it would be great if he could have used a new technology he wanted used in the classroom to give his presentation.


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  1. flmingrose says:

    I like the different angles you used to critique his presentation, especially when you were talking in terms of originality and creativity. Not only did you present an obstacle, you gave a possible solution. Great job!


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